End User Actions

GFI MailEssentials uses Active DirectoryA technology that provides a variety of network services, including LDAP directory services. groups to determine what is displayed to logged in users when they log into GFI MailEssentials. If the currently logged in user is part of the Administrators group, then GFI MailEssentials loads with all the configuration options that enable setting up GFI MailEssentials. If the currently logged in user is part of the users group, then GFI MailEssentials loads with only a limited number of options that enable the currently logged on user to administer his/her own quarantine and the personal whitelist/blocklists. The url used to log into GFI MailEssentials is always the same one, regardless of whether the currently logged on user is part of the administrator or user Active Directory group.


User actions are only available if GFI MailEssentials is configured to use IISInternet Information Services mode. For more information refer to User interface mode.

List of features available to user accounts:

Feature Description
Personal WhitelistA list of email addresses and domains from which emails are always received and BlocklistA list of email addresses or domains from whom email is not to be received by users

Users may configure a complimentary list of whitelisted and blocklisted email addresses, over and above the list set up by the systems administrator.

This feature is available only when the Personal Whitelist and/or Personal Blocklist are enabled. By default these options are not enabled.

QuarantineA email database where emails detected as spam and/or malware are stored in a controlled enviornment. Quarantined emails are not a threat to the network enviorment. Search

Allows users to access and manage spam emails that were quarantined. Users can search through, view and then approve or delete quarantined emails.

To make use of this feature, the action of anti-spam filters must be configured to quarantine spam emails.

Users cannot manage quarantined malware emails due to the security risks involved.


Users can use the SpamTag addon in Microsoft Outlook to manage their preferences in management of spam emails.

SpamTag must be installed on users' machine to be accessible via Microsoft Outlook.

NOTE: This feature is not available to users in the GFI MailEssentials web interface.

For more information refer to SpamTag for Microsoft Outlook.


MailInsights® is a reporting facility that gives a graphical presentation of the top 20 contacts that the user communicated with in the previous 30 days.

For more information on how end-users can use GFI MailEssentials, refer to the GFI MailEssentials End User manual.