Quarantine Store Location and Public URL

Use the GFI MailEssentials Switchboard to configure the Quarantine Store location and the Quarantine Public URL.

The Quarantine Store location is the Quarantine Store location where quarantined emails are stored. By default, this is located in the GFI MailEssentials installation path. This might however need to be moved to an alternate location in cases where, for example, you might be running out of disk space.

The Quarantine Public URL provides access to the Quarantine Page from an external location. By default, this is based on the GFI MailEssentials IIS Virtual directory settings you provided during installation. This however might need to be changed if you are sending quarantine digest emails or notifications that are accessed outside of the internal network. When this is the case, the URL should be changed to be reached through Internet.

1. Launch the GFI MailEssentials Switchboard from Start > Programs > GFI MailEssentials > Switchboard.

Quarantine Store location and Public URL

2. From Quarantine tab, click Browse to select an alternate location for the Quarantine Store.


Ensure that the disk partition where the Quarantine Store is saved has sufficient disk space. Spam emails will not be quarantined if the free disk space is less than 512 MB. On reaching 512 MB, email quarantine operation will stop and spam will be tagged and delivered to recipients‟ mailboxes until free disk space increases to more than 512 MB

3. Provide an alternate URL as the URL to use to access the quarantine from an external location outside your organization,

4. Click OK to save setup.