Emails sent from whitelisted senders are blocked

Issue encountered

Emails from a whitelisted sender are classified as spam.


GFI MailEssentials processes the emails according to a pre-established order:

  1. Email
  2. Security and Antivirus modules.
  3. Anti-spam modules according to their priority list.

A filtering engine that has higher priority than the WhitelistA list of email addresses and domains from which emails are always received filter is blocking this email.


  1. Whitelisted emails can be blocked if they contain malware, since the Email Security engines have a higher priority than the anti-spam filters and the whitelist. Check that blocked emails do not violate Email Security rules.
  2. Ensure that the anti-spam filter scanning order is set so that the Whitelist runs before other filters that are blocking the desired email. For more information refer to Sorting anti-spam filters by priority.