Kerio Active Directory Extension

How to use Kerio Active Directory Extension

You install Kerio Active Directory Extension into the Microsoft Active Directory and items containing specific Kerio Connect information are added to Active Directory.

User account will be managed in one place — in Microsoft Active Directory.

Kerio Active Directory Extension is available only in English.

How to install Kerio Active Directory Extension

Download Kerio Active Directory Extension at the Kerio Connect product pages.

It can be installed on supported operating systems on the Schema Master using a standard installation wizard.

After the installation a new tab for creating a Kerio Connect account will be added to the dialog window for creating new users in Microsoft Active Directory.


Depending on the version of your Microsoft Internet Explorer, you may be asked to install Microsoft XML Parser. Allow the installation — without it, the installation of Kerio Active Directory extension will not be completed!

How to create users and groups Kerio Connect in Active Directory

You can create user accounts and groups in Microsoft Active Directory (using, for example, Active Directory Users And Computers) in a usual way — the standard wizard contains a new tab for Kerio Connect.

Once you create users, map them to Kerio Connect.


Usernames must be in ASCII or users will not be able to login to their accounts.


If you encounter any problems during KADE installation, view/save the log during the installation process (View Log/Save Log File).