Accessing LDAP with LinkSys SPA942

To access the LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol - A protocol that enables users to access centrally managed contacts. contacts on my Kerio MailServer from my LinkSys SPA942 desktop phone.

This phone has a web interface that you can use to adjust the LDAP settings in order to access the Public contacts.

The following settings will allow you to access the Public Contacts using the Directory option from the phone.

LDAP Dir Enable: YES

LDAP Corp Dir Name: The name you wish to appear on your phones Directory e.g. Global Contacts

LDAP Server: IPaddress or Domain Name of Kerio MailServer

LDAP Auth Method: SIMPLE

LDAP Client DN: valid Kerio username e.g. administrator

LDAP Username: valid Kerio username e.g. administrator

LDAP Password: password of the specified account

LDAP Search Base: fn=ContactRoot

LDAP Last Name Filter: sn:(sn=*$VALUE*)

LDAP First Name Filter: cn:(cn=*$VALUE*)

LDAP Display Attrs: a=cn;a=sn;a=mobile,n=Mobile,t=p;a=telephoneNumber,n=Phone,t=p;