Installing the puppet master server

Puppet master is responsible for configuring all other servers in Kerio Connect Multi-Server and server upgrades. The puppet master also contains a Syslog server which stores all logs from the Kerio Connect servers.

To install:

  1. Run the Kerio Connect Multi-Server virtual appliance.
  2. Read the Configuration Wizard introductory page and select OK.
  3. Select puppetmaster as the server's role, and select OK.

  1. Type the hostname of the puppet master server, and select OK. Note that you need this hostname when installing the other servers.

  1. Type the Internet hostname of your mailserver, and select OK. This may be different from your domain's DNSDomain Name System - Enables the translation of hostnames to IP addresses and provides other domain related information. name.

  1. Type the DNS name of your domain, and select OK. This may be different from the Internet hostname of your mailserver.

  1. Type and confirm the administrator password, and select OK.

  1. To set a correct time zone on the sever, select the your geographic area and select OK.

  1. Select your city and select OK.

To log in to the appliance after installation, use root/kerio.

ervers and don't have a DNS server available in your network, you must configure the proper domain names manually on all servers except the puppet master.