Installing the back-end servers

Back-end servers represent individual installations of Kerio Connect. These servers work as home servers for individual users and store users' mailboxes. You can install two or more back-end servers, and you can install them now or at any later time.

To install:

All back-end servers must have the same primary domain. If you install any back-end server later, they will be added to the distributed multi-server automatically.

The first back-end server installed is a master server.

  1. Run the Kerio Connect Multi-Server virtual appliance.
  2. Read the Configuration Wizard introductory page and select OK.
  3. Select backend, and select OK.
  4. Type the hostname of the puppet master server.
  5. Type the hostname for the back-end, server and select OK.

To log in to the appliance after installation, use root/kerio.