Upgrading from versions older than Kerio Connect 8.0.0

Learn how to upgrade when your current Kerio Connect setup is older than version 8.0. In case you're already on version 8.0 or above, please refer to Upgrading Kerio Connect topic.


All changes, improvements and prerequisites for Kerio Connect are cumulative. So, if you want to skip some versions, it is highly recommended to go through this topic to make sure you meet all prerequisites of the versions being skipped.

Prerequisites and important notes

  • We recommend to take a full backup of Kerio Connect. For more information refer to Configuring backup in Kerio Connect.
  • Check that the Software Maintenance is valid for the upgrade. Your Software Maintenance expiration date can be found on the splash screen of your Kerio Connect Administration console. You are entitled to upgrade to the latest version that gets released during your Software Maintenance period, even post its expiration.
  • Check that the server meets the latest system and hardware requirements. For more information refer to Kerio Connect Multi-Server System requirements and Prerequisites.
  • Kerio Connect requires restart during upgrade. Perform the upgrade when there is no traffic on the server or when it is least impacting on the business operation.
  • You may also want to look at version specific notes and prerequisites before upgrading. For more information refer to Important notes when upgrading to specific older versions.
  • When upgrading a version that is older than version 7.0.0, there are a number of milestone versions that must be installed before you can proceed with upgrading to the latest. The list below shows these milestone versions, and the order in which you must install them. You need to determine and install the version higher than the one you are currently running and so on, till the last milestone version on-the list is installed. These versions are required because of changes in the installation process, so it is not possible to skip them. After you install the last milestone version on the list, you can then directly upgrade to v7.x.x and then to v8.x.x. For more information refer to Upgrading to the latest version.

Milestone versions

1. Kerio MailServer 5.1

2. Kerio MailServer 5.5

3. Kerio MailServer 5.7.10

4. Kerio MailServer 6.0.0

5. Kerio MailServer 6.0.10

6. Kerio MailServer 6.5.2

7. Kerio MailServer 6.7.3 Patch 1

These versions are available from our archive: http://download.kerio.com/archive/.



Upgrading Kerio Connect

  1. Click Download Upgrade above to download the relevant milestone build on the server where Kerio Connect is currently installed.
  2. Visit the Kerio download page to find and download the relevant milestone version one by one: http://www.kerio.com/connect/download.
  3. Depending on your platform follow the instructions below and repeat for each milestone version:


a. Double-click the installer.

b. Select your language (e.g. English).

c. Select Modify and click Next.

d. Leave all of the components checked and click Next.

e. The installation should be completed and you can click Finish.


a. Double-click the *.dmg file.

b. Double-click the installer.

c. Read the license agreement and click Continue.

d. Click Agree to continue the installation.

e. Select Easy Install and then click Install.

f. Click Quit once the installation gets completed.

RHEL or CentOS

Use the following commands:

sudo /sbin/service kerio-connect stop

sudo rpm -Uvh package_name.rpm

sudo /sbin/service kerio-connect start

These commands are generic and package_name.rpm refers to the actual package file name that you download. A real example of the second command would be: sudo rpm -Uvh kerio-connect-7.2.3-4971-linux.rpm.


Use the following commands:

sudo /etc/init.d/kerio-connect stop

sudo rpm -Uvh package_name.rpm

sudo /etc/init.d/kerio-connect start

These commands are generic and package_name.rpm refers to the actual package file name that you download. A real example of the second command would be:sudo rpm -Uvh kerio-connect-7.2.3-4971-linux.rpm .

Debian or Ubuntu

Run the following commands:

sudo /etc/init.d/kerio-connect stop

sudo dpkg –i package_name.deb

These Linux commands are valid for Kerio Connect 7.0 and newer. Installing the upgrade will leave your current settings intact.