Virtual Circuits

Virtual Circuits are created within Circuits and are used to logically divide or partition the circuit. The virtual circuitlogical definitions that partition a a physical network circuit and used to determine what traffic passes through it and how much defines what traffic is processed in this partition, how much bandwidth it is allowed, and whether to enforce fair sharing among the network hosts. Traffic is evaluated against the definition of the virtual circuit. Traffic that does not fall within the virtual circuit is evaluated by the next virtual circuit and so on.

You have the option of creating a virtual circuit within the Configuration Library first, and then later assigning it to a circuit in the Optimizer Policy Tree, or you can create the virtual circuit directly within the Optimizer Policy Tree, which also saves it as a Library item . The virtual circuits within a tenant must have unique names. When a virtual circuit is modified, all instances of its use are modified.

To learn how circuits, virtual circuits, policy sets, and policy rules work together, see Policy Tree.