Specifying fax recipients

When sending a fax, the recipients' fax numbers must always include the international dial symbol "+", the country and area codes. Do not use hyphens, spaces or dashes between any parts of the fax number.

These are required when sending faxes:

  • Abroad - for example, from United States to Brazil
  • Locally - for example, from United States to United States.

Sending fax via email

When sending a fax via email, key in the fax number in the To field, using the following format: faxnumber@gfifax.com. Replace faxnumber with the full recipient’s fax number. You can key in up to two hundred recipient numbers, using the same format for each and separated with a semi-colon (;).

For example: +441273123456@gfifax.com; +420313414515@gfifax.com;


If your email client supports TLS 1.2 you can enforce it using the following format: faxnumber@securefax.gfifax.com.

For example +441273123456@securefax.gfifax.com;

This will force the fax to be delivered over TLS 1.2, the highest security standard.



A transmission report error message Sit-Tone / Operator Msg indicates a problem with the fax number entered. Ensure that the fax number follows the requirements specified above and that the number exists.