Administrator Details

Setting Administrator Details

The Administrator Details enables configuring the basic settings of a GFI FaxMaker Online administrator. To configure these options:

1. From the AdministratorsAccounts with administrative privileges that can log in to GFI FaxMaker Online to monitor usage and configure settings. screen, click next to the administrator to edit. Click Edit Admin.

2. In the Administrator Details area, configure the following options:

Option Description
DepartmentA collection of settings that can be applied by default to new users. Select the administrator's department. The administrator can only access users and administrators in that department. To give access to all users and all departments, choose the company.
Name & Surname The administrator's first name and surname.
Email The administrator's email address used for notifications and to login to GFI FaxMaker Online.
New password

Use this field to modify the administrator's password. Key in a custom password or click Generate to automatically generate a password. Click Show to display or click Mask to hide the password.

NOTE: The six bars at the bottom right corner indicate password strength. Use numbers, symbols, upper/lower case characters and up to 10 characters for a password that returns 6 green bars.

Click Save to apply all changes, Discard Changes to cancel changes made, or navigate to another tab to configure other settings.