Adding administrators

To add new administrators:

  1. Go to AdministratorsAccounts with administrative privileges that can log in to GFI FaxMaker Online to monitor usage and configure settings..
  2. Click Add Administrator.
  3. Key in the administrator's First name and Surname.
  4. Specify the administrator's email address. This is the email address that the new administrator must use to login to the GFI FaxMaker Online Administration Console.
  5. Key in a new Password or click Generate to automatically create a new password.

NOTE: The six bars at the bottom right corner indicate password strength. Use numbers, symbols, upper/lower case characters and up to 10 characters for a password that returns 6 green bars.

  1. Choose a department. The newly created administrator will only have access to users and administrators in that department. To add an administrator with access to all users and all departments, choose the company. If no department is chosen, the newly created administrator will automatically be assigned access to the company.
  2. Click Create.