Translating Kerio Connect Client to a new language


This article describes Kerio Connect 8.1 and newer. For information on translating Kerio Connect Client in version 8.0, read the Customizing Kerio Connect article.

Kerio Connect Client for Windows and Mac cannot be translated to additional languages.

Translations of Kerio Connect Client are saved in several files in the installation directory of Kerio Connect. Files with localizations are named using 2-letter language codes.

To add a new language to Kerio Connect Client, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Kerio Connect installation directory to:
  • web/webmail/translations
  • web/integration/translations
  1. Copy all files of one language (except English) and rename them according to the target language code.
  2. Rewrite the code and name of the new language in xx_definitions.xml.
  3. Translate all strings to the new language in:
  • xx_login.js
  • xx.js from web/webmail/translations
  • xx.js from web/integration/translations


Do not change the structure of any file.

  1. Restart Kerio Connect.

The new language is now available in Kerio Connect Client for web.

Upgrading Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect upgrades may contain new or modified sentences. These will not be included in your own translations and will be displayed in English.

We recommend to use the original files (which you used as a template for the new language) and compare them with the same language files after the upgrade. You can then translate new sentences into your language.