This section contains information about synchronizations of mailboxes with different email clients.

Kerio Connect Client

Kerio Connect Client

Kerio Connect Client for Windows and Mac

Accessing Kerio Connect Client

Configuring your Kerio Connect Client

Spam settings

Customizing Client appearance

Translating to a new language

Configuring the Out of Office message

Sending emails

Spell check

Sorting email messages

Using calendars

Scheduling resources in Kerio Connect

Enabling notifications

Resetting your mobile device

Support for encrypted & digitally signed emails

Initializing certificate store

Importing personal certificates

Digitally signing messages

Encrypting messages

Sending chat messages

Using contacts

Using tasks

Using notes


Using delegation


Sharing in Kerio Connect Client 8.3 and older

Synchronizing folders with mobile devices

Making calls from Kerio Connect Client

Switching Kerio Connect Client to old WebMail

Kerio Outlook Connector

Installing and upgrading Kerio Outlook Connector

Creating profiles in MS Outlook

Adding multiple accounts in a single profile

Using delegation in Microsoft Outlook with KOFF

Selecting from which address to send in MS Outlook

Using alternating emails when scheduling events

Sorting messages in MS Outlook

Synchronizing Microsoft Outlook with Kerio Connect

Subscribing and sharing folders in MS Outlook

Cannot read encrypted email sent from Outlook 2010

Free / Busy not working on Vista or Windows 7

Search through my Contacts automatically

Configure MS Outlook to sign and encrypt emails

Import PST files into my Kerio MailServer account

Make Free/Busy work in ’secure’ mode

Remove duplicate items

Kerio Outlook Connector vs native Outlook Exchange

Create nested folders

Import KOFF database into new MS Outlook profile

Modify store location

Redirect automatic update to another Webserver

Issue responding to meeting requests in Outlook 2003

I can’t see the spam/not spam buttons

Kerio Connect 8.0.x and Microsoft Outlook 2013.)

Kerio Outlook Connector database upgrade

Kerio Updater Service installation

KOFF profile rebuild

KOFF Reminders failed after update MS KB2583910

Location of KOFF store and debug files

Move messages to Kerio Outloook Connector store

MS Outlook 2010 crashes when refreshing free/busy

MS Outlook: Attachment exceeds allowable limit

Optimizing performance of Kerio Outlook Connector

Outlook free/busy service returns ’no information’

Outlook with the KOFF is crashing or hanging

Problems with MS KB946983 and KB952142 updates

Unknown Error 0x80041004" when sending mail


Support for ActiveSync

Configuring Exchange ActiveSync account on Android

Creating Exchange ActiveSync accounts in Outlook

Setting a compatible Exchange ActiveSync version

Configure shared/public folders to iPhone/iPad

Mobile Devices

Synchronizing data with mobile devices

Managing user mobile devices

Configuring IMAP, CardDAV, and CalDAV on Android

Manual Configuration of CalDAV/CardDAV accounts

Configuring Microsoft Windows Phone 8

Synchronizing your iPhone with Kerio Connect

Integrating your account with Spark by Readdle

Kerio Connect Sync app for Android devices


Configuring Mail and Calendar on Microsoft Windows

Configuring Microsoft Windows 8 Mail

Pinning Kerio Connect Client to Windows taskbar


Convert the Webmail / Webadmin into my language

Create custom/external login interface for WebMail

Customize the appearance of the webmail

Number of items does not display in status bar

Webmail calendar does not print in colour

Cannot authenticate to Webmail or my client


Configure LDAP connection in Mozilla ThunderBird

Configure ThunderBird to work with Kerio Connect

View a Kerio Connect Calendar in Google Calendar

Using CalDAV in Lightning