This section contains information about:

Basic configuration

Accessing Kerio Connect

Authenticating users through PAM

Public folders in Kerio Connect

Setting access rights in Kerio Connect

Creating time ranges in Kerio Connect

Configuring IP address groups

Managing logs in Kerio Connect

Customizing Kerio Connect

Customizing the Client login page

Filtering messages on the server

Integrating Kerio Connect with Kerio Operator

Joining 2 servers with different domains into one

Changing the time zone definitions

Change to global public folders and keep the data

Upgrading the MAPI property database

Using Kerio Assist tool


Accessing Kerio Connect administration

Navigating through the administration interface

Using Dashboard in Kerio Connect

Gathering usage statistics

What ports are used for remote administration?


Domains in Kerio Connect

Creating domains in Kerio Connect

Adding company and user contact information

Renaming domains in Kerio Connect

Distributed domains in Kerio Connect

Change authentication method to AD or OD


Creating user accounts in Kerio Connect

Creating user groups in Kerio Connect

Maintaining user accounts in Kerio Connect

Creating mailing lists in Kerio Connect

Creating aliases in Kerio Connect

Configuring resources in Kerio Connect

Renaming user account

How do I create a catch-all email address?

How do I move a user to a different domain?

How do I re-index a corrupt user’s folder?

How to mass subscribe people?

Resource calendars hide the event subject

Directory services

Connecting Kerio Connect to directory service

Kerio Active Directory Extension

Kerio Open Directory Extension

How do I configure KMS on a child AD domain?

How do I get LDAP to work with Microsoft Outlook?

How to configure LDAP access in Evolution

How to map users from specific Organizational Unit

Migrating user accounts to directory service

Kerberos Authentication against an OpenDirectory

Mapping different name from Active Directory

Mapping from an OpenLDAP or Generic LDAP server

What ports should be open on my AD controller?

Accessing LDAP with LinkSys SPA942


Securing Kerio Connect

Configuring anti-spoofing in Kerio Connect

Password policy in Kerio Connect

Authenticating messages with DKIM

Configuring DNS for DKIM

Configuring SSL/TLS in Kerio Connect

PCI DSS Compliance


Configuring spam control in Kerio Connect

Kerio Anti-spam filter

Configuring greylisting

Blocking messages from certain servers

Creating custom rules for spam control

Configuring Caller ID and SPF

Creating an SPF or Caller ID record

Bayesian self-learning in Kerio Connect

Optimizing spam protection

How do I exclude an email address from a blacklist

Reseting the SpamAssassin & Bayes database

Configure my Anti-Spam to gather valid addresses


Antivirus protection in Kerio Connect

Filtering message attachments in Kerio Connect

Antivirus in Kerio Connect 9.2.1 and earlier

Using an external antivirus

SSL Certificates

Configuring SSL certificates in Kerio Connect

Adding trusted root certificates to the server

Configure OS X to use self-signed SSL certificate

Import a private key protected by a pass phrase

Re-issue my SSL certificate

Renew an expired SSL certificate

Enable SSLv2 support

Making SSL certificates trusted in Safari

Self-signed certificates in Mozilla Thunderbird

Transfer certificate from IIS

Mail delivery & DNS records

Essential DNS Records

Scheduling email delivery

Configuring POP3 connection

Receiving email via ETRN

Configuring Autodiscover

About MX records


Services in Kerio Connect

Configuring the SMTP server

Securing the SMTP server

Kerio Connect & IIS on same computer