Sending chat messages in Kerio Connect Client


New in Kerio Connect 9.1!

Kerio Connect Client includes a Chat feature for exchanging instant messages. Chat enables you to view your colleagues' online status, and to chat with them in real time when you cannot wait for an email response or need a quick back-and-forth conversion without a phone.

Kerio Connect Client stores all the chat messages sent and received through Kerio Connect Client.

You can also receive instant messages using an XMPPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol is a protocol used for real-time communication (chat)./Jabber application. For more information refer to Configuring clients for instant messaging.

Enabling or disabling chat in Kerio Connect Client

Before you can use chat in your Kerio Connect Client, your administrator must enable chat for your domain. For more information refer to Enabling chat in Kerio Connect Client.

If you don't see Chat in Kerio Connect Client and you know it is allowed for your domain, enable it in your Kerio Connect Client settings:

  1. Click Tools > Settings (in Windows Client), or Kerio Connect > Settings (in Mac Client), or your name > Settings (in Web Client).
  2. In the Chat section, select Enable chat in Kerio Connect Client. To disable chat, deselect the option.
  3. Click Save.

Sending instant messages

To send a chat message:

  1. Log in to Kerio Connect Client.
  2. Switch to Chat.

  1. In the left side contact list, select the person you want to chat with. The contacts you see depend on the public folder settings on your server. For more information refer to Public folders in Kerio Connect.
  2. Type your message.
  3. Click Send.

Setting your status

You can let other users know whether you are free for chat or unavailable.

You can set your status to: Online, Away, Do not disturb, or Offline. Each status is represented by a colored dot.

When you log in to Kerio Connect Client, your status is automatically set to Online. To change your status:

  1. In Kerio Connect Client, click your name or photo in the top right corner.
  2. Select your status.


Kerio Connect Client for Windows and Mac also shows your status in the notification area. For more information refer to Kerio Connect Client for Windows and Mac.

In Kerio Connect Client for Windows and Mac, you can set your Kerio Connect Client to show as Away after a certain time of inactivity:

  1. In Kerio Connect Client for Windows and Mac, click Tools > Settings > Chat.
  2. Select Show me as Away....
  3. Set the time.
  4. Click Save.

Receiving instant messages - Notifications

When you receive a chat message, Kerio Connect Client displays a number in the top bar.

Desktop notifications

Desktop notifications are small pop-up windows that appear on your screen when you receive a chat message.

To enable desktop notifications:

  1. In Kerio Connect Client, click your name and select Settings.
  2. Switch to the Notifications section.
  3. Select Notify me about new chat messages.
  4. To receive sound notifications, switch to the Chat section.
  5. Select Use sound for new chat messages. In Kerio Connect 9.1.1 and older, this option is available in the Notifications section.
  6. Click Save.


If you set your status to Do not disturb, Kerio Connect Client does not display any notifications for new chat messages.

Disabling notifications for individual contacts

To temporarily disable notifications for any of your contacts:

  1. In Kerio Connect Client, switch to the Chat section.
  2. Select the contact in the left-side contacts list.
  3. In the upper right corner of the chat window, click Hide notifications.

The contact now shows a mute icon .


To enable notifications again, in the upper right corner click Show notifications.