This section helps you resolve possible issues you may encounter information about:

Troubleshooting Tips

Cannot start http or https service on Mac OS

Detecting that Kerio Connect has been compromised

Browser extensions may interfere with products

Distributed Sender Blackhole List Errors (DSBL)

Emails Dated 2010 are marked as SPAM

Get older versions of Kerio software

Get the .eml source for an email

Reset password for a user

Active Directory/LDAP error

Fix a malformed .journal.db with a SQLite error

Repair or reset Anti-Virus in Kerio Connect

Cannot send outgoing mail with OD or AD

Cannot use national characters in my password

Custom rule to allow address/domain not working

Training spam filter does not work

Kerio Connect Client not displayed correctly in IE

User cannot login to their email account

Moving user from/to AD causes sync errors

POP3 connection fails during download

SMTP Status and Reply codes

Folder size is reporting incorrectly in WebAdmin

Why am I getting multiple copies of an email

Emails marked for deletion in IMAP are deleted

Exchange migration tool says I am not an admin

General Errors

550 5.7.1 Relaying to <> denied

Cannot send to some mail servers

Error says ’create_time < install_time’

’Error: unable to save settings’

I get errors and bounces when sending email

I receive a ’script error’ message

"Failed to detect the installation setup..."

Login problem on 64bit Windows when using Kerberos

Message body changed

All my folders show as Mail folders

MS Outlook generates MAPI_E_TIMEOUT error

Some POP3 clients generate an authentication error

Some services, for example WebMail, do not start

I am getting multiple copies of an email

’IP address x.x.x.x rejected:too many connections’

New attendee created when invitation accepted

Bash vulnerability CVE-2014-6271/CVE-2014-7169

Linux Glibc vulnerability CVE-2015-7547

Linux vulnerability CVE-2015-0235

OpenSSL vulnerability CVE-2014-0160

SSL 3.0 vulnerability CVE-2014-3566 and POODLE