Installing SpamTag manually

Run the SpamTag installer on client's machines to manually install SpamTag.

  1. Get the installer from <GFI MailEssentials installation folder>/Outlook.
  2. Copy GFIMailEssentialsSpamTag.exe to the machine where to install SpamTag.
  3. Close Microsoft Outlook.
  4. Right-click the installer and select Run as administrator.
  5. In the first screen, select the language for the installation.

SpamTag installation language and license terms

  1. Read the License Terms and Conditions and if you agree, select I have read and agree to the License Terms and Conditions. Click Next.
  2. Key in the URL used to connect to GFI MailEssentials. For example: or Wait for the installer to verify connection with GFI MailEssentials via the specified URL and click Next.
  3. Specify the location where to install SpamTag and click Install.
  4. On completion click Finish.
  5. Start Microsoft Outlook and key in the user's credentials.

SpamTag is now available in the Microsoft Outlook Home ribbon.

For more information, click Help from SpamTag.