Managing logs in Kerio Operator

Logs are files where information about certain events (e.g. error and warning reports, debugging information) is recorded. Each item is represented by one row starting with a timestamp (date and time of the event). Messages in logs are displayed in English for every language version of Kerio Operator.

Configuring logs

Logs are available in the Kerio Operator administration interface in section Logs.

When you right-click in a log, you can configure the following settings (available in all logs):

Option Description
Save log You can save whole logs or a selected part in a txt or HTML format. See also Log Settings option.
Highlighting You can save any part of text in logs for better reference. Specify a substring or regular expression and all rows containing such text will be highlighted.
Log Settings Apart from immediate savings, you can configure regular saves of individual logs, specifying the size and number of saved files. You can also enable external logging to a Syslog server.
Clear Log Use this option for deleting a log.

Types of logs

Type Description

The Auth log includes information about all successful attempts to login to Kerio Operator (to the administration or client interfaces).

Failed login attempts are logged into the Security log.

Config The Config log stores the complete history of communication between Kerio Operator Administration and the server. It is possible to determine what administration tasks were performed by a specific user.

Debug log is a special log which can be used to monitor specific information. This is especially useful for problem-solving.

To enable the Debug log, right-click in the log window and select the Messages option in the context menu. In the opened dialog window, select specific information you wish to monitor.


In addition, displaying too much information slows Kerio Operator's performance. We recommend that you only display information that you are interested in and only when necessary.

Error The Error log displays serious errors that affect the functionality of the entire PBXPrivate Branch Exchange - System that connects telephone extensions and switches calls.. The Kerio Operator administrator should check this log regularly and try to eliminate problems found here. Otherwise, users might have problems with some services or/and serious security problems might arise.
Event The Event log gives information about phone and interface registrations, phone provisioning, new versions of Kerio Operator, etc.
Kernel The Kernel log contains records generated by the operating system. It includes information about starting and stopping of the server, logs generated by individual processes, etc.
Security The Security log contains the failed login attempts to Kerio Operator.

The Warning log shows error warnings which are not severe. Typical examples of such warnings are messages stating that a user with administrator rights has a blank password or that a user account of a given name does not exist.

Events recalling warning messages in this log do not seriously affect the PBX functionality. However, they can point at current or possible problems. The Warning log can help if for example a user is complaining that services are not working.