Configuring OutCALL for dialing from the Microsoft Outlook contacts

OutCALL allows you to dial calls directly from Microsoft Outlook 2000 and newer. It uses the AMI interface (Asterisk Manager Interface) which Kerio Operator supports.

Download OutCALL at

What you need

  • Microsoft Outlook 2000 or newer.


OutCALL supports only the 32-bit version of Microsoft Outlook.

  • Password for dialer (AMI) generated in Kerio Operator.
  • Install and configure OutCALL on the user’s computer.

Settings in Kerio Operator

Read topic CRM integration using AMI for information on Kerio Connect settings. The standard settings are as follows:

  1. Login to Kerio Operator as an administrator.
  2. Open the Configuration > Users section.
  3. Double-click the user whom you wish to enable the OutCALL communication.
  4. This opens the Edit user dialog. In the event, go to the Advanced tab.
  5. Check Password for dialer (AMI) and copy the password (displayed upon clicking on the icon with keys).

Dialer Password

Configuring OutCALL

  1. On user’s computer, install Microsoft Outlook and create a mail account (unless it has been created before).
  2. Close Microsoft Outlook before installing OutCALL.
  3. Download OutCALL at
  4. Install it on user’s computer.
  5. If the installation was successful, run OutCALL. OutCALL will run as a service with an icon displayed in the notification area (System Tray).
  1. Right-click the icon. Context menu is displayed.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. This opens the OutCALL — Settings dialog. Go to the Server tab.

OutCALL — configuring connection to Kerio Operator

  1. In the Server field, enter the DNS name or IP address of Kerio Operator.
  2. In the Username field, enter the username in the same format as it is used in Kerio Operator.
  3. In the Password field, enter password for dialer (AMI).


Password for dialer does not equal the username used to login to Kerio Phone.

  1. Switch to the Extensions tab. The default extension is set to 10. Click on Edit and enter the SIP username (the SIP usernameAn username for authenticating provided by a SIP provider. format can be found in the Kerio Operator administration in section Extensions).

OutCALL — setting user extensions

  1. Save the settings. Once the application connects to Kerio Operator, a pop up window is displayed informing about the successful connection.


OutCALL stops working after the start

  • OutCALL stops working after the start if the path to the folder contains special characters. OutCALL does not work on localized versions of Microsoft Windows XP where the Application Data folder is localized (e.g. in Czech, "C:\Documents and Settings\user\Data aplikací"). The problem is solved on Microsoft Vista and newer because the folder is not localized.
  • OutCALL stops working after the start if the username used for login to the computer contains special characters. The solution is easy: change the username so that it does not contain special characters.


If you wish to verify the communication between OutCALL and Kerio Operator, look at the logs:

The Debug log — AMI

  1. Login to Kerio Operator administration.
  2. Go to section Logs > Debug
  3. Right-click the log area and select Messages.
  4. This opens the Logging messages dialog window. Check the AMI (CRMCustomer Relationship Management - Strategies and technologies for managing and analyzing customer relationships. Integration, Desktop Dialer Applications) option.