Modifying parameters in Kerio Control configuration

In special situations, you may need to change the Kerio Control configuration directly. This is necessary, for example, when you need to adjust a setting that is not available in the web administration.


Do not make changes directly to the configuration unless a Kerio support representative provides you with specific instructions.

Accessing the operating system

To update the configuration directly, you must login to the operating system shell environment. You can access the shell either directly from the console, or remotely using a secure shell tunnel (SSHSecure Shell - A cryptographic network protocol that enables you to connect securely over an unsecured network.).

Accessing the shell via local console

  1. In the Kerio Control console, press Alt + F2.
  2. As the login name, type root.
  3. Type a local administrator password.
  4. To close the session, type exit. Press Alt + F1 to return to the initial screen.

Accessing the shell via remote login (SSH)

To remotely access the secure shell, you need a client program, such as Putty. If you are using Linux or Mac, you can open a secure shell tunnel using the terminal.


In the default traffic rules configuration, Kerio Control allows remote login only from the Trusted / Local network.

  1. Enable remote login in the web administration. Hold the Shift key and go to Status > System Health.
  2. Select the button Enable SSH.
  3. In your secure shell program, open a new connection to the Kerio Control server address.
  4. As the login name, type root.
  5. Type a local administrator password.

Modifying the configuration

To update configuration, type:

/opt/kerio/winroute/tinydbclient "update table set variable=value"

To apply the new configuration, type:

/etc/boxinit.d/60winroute restart


Disabling the 3-way TCPTransmission Control Protocol - ensures packet transmission. handshake security feature:

~ # /opt/kerio/winroute/tinydbclient "update Firewall set Require3WayHandshake=0"
~ # /etc/boxinit.d/60winroute restart

Requiring TLSTransport Layer Security - A follower of the SSL protocol and ensures secure communication between networks. version 1.1 and higher:

~ # /opt/kerio/winroute/tinydbclient "update ssl set forcetlsv1_1=1"
~ # /etc/boxinit.d/60winroute restart