Changing the MTU of network interfaces

The MTUMaximum Transmission Unit - The largest size packet specified in octets that can be sent in a packet or frame based network such as the Internet. (maximum transmission unit) is the maximum size of an IP packet that can be transmitted without fragmentation. If your network device requires a specific MTU (as, for example, some types of modems do), you can define the MTU in the Kerio Control interface.

Changing the MTU

  1. In the administration interface, go to Interfaces.
  2. Double-click the interface.
  3. In the Interface Properties dialog box, click Advanced.

  1. In the Advanced Interface Properties dialog box, select Override MTU and type the value in bytes. For ADSL, the MTU value is 1492 or less. See documentation for your ADSL modem.
  2. Click OK twice.

The interface now uses the newly configured MTU.