Installing Kerio Control

Kerio Control can be installed in three different ways:


From version 9.3 onwards 32-bit hardware is no longer supported.

Product editions

Edition Description
Software ApplianceA special operating system designed to run on a computer.

Kerio Control Software Appliance is a package of Kerio Control and a special Linux-based operating system. Install the appliance on a PC without an operating system.

Virtual AppliancePre-configured Kerio Control virtual machine image for VMware or Hyper-V.

Kerio Control Virtual Appliance is the software appliance edition pre-installed on a virtual host for the particular hypervisor. Virtual appliances for VMware and Hyper-V are available.

Kerio Control Box

Kerio Control Box is a hardware device with Kerio Control Software Appliance pre-installed. Two models are available. For more information refer to Kerio Control NG series installation guide.