Archiving emails using GFI Archiver

Learn how to integrate Kerio Connect and GFI Archiver, so that emails processed by Kerio Connect are automatically archived by GFI Archiver.

GFI Archiver connects to the archive mailbox in Kerio Connect and downloads all the inbound and outbound emails from it. The emails in the archive mailbox get deleted automatically once downloaded by GFI Archiver. This way, you never lose emails, and searching emails becomes fast and easy.

Step 1: Enable Archiving in Kerio Connect

  1. Log in to Kerio Connect administration interface and create a new mailbox dedicated for archiving. For more information refer to Creating user accounts in Kerio Connect.
  2. Go to Configuration > Archiving and Backup > Archiving and under Email Archiving, check Enable email archiving option.
  3. Check Archive to the remote email address option and enter the email address of the journal mailbox created previously.
  4. Check or uncheck the different email-types for archiving and click Apply to save settings.

Step 2: Connect GFI Archiver to the Kerio Connect archive mailbox


If installing GFI Archiver on the same machine as Kerio Connect, ensure that IIS is configured to use a different port than the default port 80 since this is used by Kerio Connect.

  1. Log in to GFI Archiver.
  2. Go to the Configurations page and click Mail Servers to Archive.
  3. Click Add.
  4. On the Mail Server to Archive Wizard, select Manual enter journal mailbox details and click Next.
  5. Enter the following details:
Option Description
Mail Server

Key-in the IP addressAn identifier assigned to devices connected to a TCP/IP network. or fully-qualified domain name of the Kerio Connect mail server.

Connect using Select IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol - One of the two most commonly used Internet standard protocols for e-mail retrieval, the other being POP3..
IMAP Port By default this is set to 143, or 993 when using SSLSecure Sockets Layer - A protocol that ensures integral and secure communication between networks..
Use SSL Select this option if Kerio Connect uses SSL.

Key in the email address and password of the Journal mailbox.


Select the mailbox folder from where to pick up emails to archive. By default this is set to Inbox and requires no change.

  1. Click Finish to finalize setup.

Once you complete this procedure, you can test the integration by sending a test email to any Kerio Connect mail account and check if it is getting displayed under Archived Items in GFI Archiver.