Contacts folders in Apple Addressbook/Contacts app via CardDAV

When you create several contacts folders via Webmail (Sales, Customer etc.) and then sync your Apple Addressbook/Contacts with the Kerio Connect server, these different contacts folders appear as groups.

If they do not appear as groups, then this might be due to the limitation of the used CardDAVvCard Extensions to WebDAV that enables you to synchronize contacts. protocol in Apple Addressbook/Contacts, with which the account is configured by the Account Assistant tool of Kerio Connect. To fix this, you need to add a category to the addresses in the contacts folders with the same name, as in the contacts folder itself.

For example:, let's assume, you have a contacts folder in Webmail called Sales. When you open every single address in this folder and assign a category Sales to it, this category will reflect in Apple Addressbook/Contacts as a group after the next sync with your Kerio Connect server.

To create a new category in Webmail, just click Categories, key in the name of the new category and click Add to list.


Assigning categories only works via old Webmail. The new Kerio Connect Client has no category functionality.


When you create groups in Apple Addressbook/Contacts, these groups do not appear as a contacts folder in your Webmail.