Fax Pool Overview

The Fax PoolA number of fax lines available for sending and receiving faxes. Overview widget displays the fax numbers available in your account, grouped by location. Click a location to monitor and manage the availability and assignment of fax numbers.

Fax Pool Overview widget

To monitor and manage assignment of fax numbers:

  1. Login to GFI FaxMaker Online.
  2. The Fax Pool Overview widget shows a list of locations in which you have at least one number. Click any row to show the list of numbers in that location.

Fax numberA software-based (FoIP) dedicated fax number. details in a fax pool

  1. The widget shows if each fax number is assigned to a user or not. Click the icon for a list of available actions:
Action Description
Unassign number... Remove the fax number assignment from the current user. The number becomes available to be assigned to a new user.
Assign now... Assign fax number to user. In the next screen select a user from the drop-down list and click Assign. Then, click Save on the user's page screen. This option is only available for unassigned numbers.
Go to user page... Go to the page of the user to see and edit details. For more information refer to Users.
  1. Click < Back or refresh the page to return to the Fax Pool Overview.