KOFF profile rebuild

This article will show you how to rebuild your KOFF profile and what kind of error messages can indicate that you need to perform a rebuild.

When using the KOFF connector with Outlook there will be times when you may need to rebuild your Outlook profile. This can be caused sometimes by changes the administrator of Kerio Connect has made or when there is a problem with KOFF store database.

Some of the most common messages that will appear if there is an issue with KOFF are the following:

  • -Public folders have changed please re-configure your profile

To rebuild your profile you will need to do the following:

  1. Close Outlook
  2. Go to Start > Control Panel > Mail > Email Accounts
  3. Edit your KOFF account and go to the ‘Maintenance’ tab
  4. From there you can then ‘Empty Cache’
  5. Start Outlook

This will then set your KOFF profile to re-sync data from the server. Depending on how large your email account is this can take a few minutes or longer. If resetting your local cache does not help then you will need to speak to your systems administrator or contact Kerio technical support as this may be a problem at a server level.