Free / Busy not working on Vista or Windows 7

Free / Busy data does not show correctly when using Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Microsoft Outlook.

These versions of Windows do not automatically install the server certificate as a Trusted Root Certificate.

  1. Download the certificate from your server, you can get this using the following address: You will need to replace '' with the correct name of your mailserver.
  2. Open the file you downloaded. This will open the Certificate installation wizard.
  3. Follow the installation steps, until you get the choice of 'Automatically place certificate' or 'Place all certificates in folder'.
  4. Choose to place certificates in a folder and select the browse button. In the list that appears, select 'Trusted Root Certificate Authority'. Complete the wizard.

You will now have installed the certificate from your server to the correct location in Windows for the Free / Busy service to work correctly in Outlook.

In some cases, the certificate does not get imported correctly using Windows Vista or Windows 7.

You can read further information about this and how to resolve this Windows Vista issue here:


In case you experience an error in reading the Free / Busy data from the Internet, try deleting the user from the auto-complete cache.