Kerio Updater Service installation

To simplify future upgrades, Kerio Outlook Connector 7.3.0 introduces an improved upgrade system. Therefore transition from Kerio Outlook Connector 7.2.x and older to 7.3 and newer requires Kerio Updater Service. This installs automatically for users who have Administrator rights on their computer. Otherwise, a one-time manual upgrade is needed.

To find out whether manual upgrade is needed:

  • If you run Kerio Connect 7.2.3, login to admin console and check the warning log for a list of affected users.
  • Kerio Connect 7.2.3. reports affected users only in case the clients statistics are enabled. Double check your client statistics are enabled on your Kerio Connect server in your configuration file if you want to detect affected users:
  • Open the Administration console of Kerio Connect.
  • Navigate to Configuration - Administration Settings
  • Press the Contribute to usage statistics button
  • Enable option "Allow Kerio Connect to send anonymous data to Kerio Technologies"
  • Clients statistics are updated each 14 days according to collected data. Upon the update process the information about affected users is displayed to warning.log. If you do not see information about affected users in your warning log, wait for next client statistics update in order to see them.
  • If you run an older version of Kerio Connect or there are no affected users reported by Kerio Connect 7.2.3, see installed programs on computers with Kerio Outlook Connector. If Kerio Updater Service is not listed, the computer needs a manual upgrade.

To perform the manual upgrade

  • If you run Kerio Connect 7.2.x, simply reinstall Kerio Outlook Connector 7.2.x. You will be asked for Administrator password.
  • If you run an older version of Kerio Connect or need to use Domain Group Policy in Microsoft Active Directory, download and install Kerio Updater Service from our End-User download section at

What happens if the Kerio Updater Service is not installed?

Kerio Connect 7.3 or higher will immediately cause an automatic upgrade of Kerio Outlook Connector where elevated Administrators permissions (Administrators password) will be required. If not provided, affected users will not be able to send and receive email in Outlook as it will only run in offline mode. However, they will be able to use WebMail or any other email client they use.


The upgrade to Kerio Outlook Connector 7.2.x (from 7.1.x and older) and to 7.3.x (from 7.2.x and older) needs also an internal database upgrade. For more information refer to Kerio Outlook Connector database upgrade.

Example of the report from warning.log:

[08/Sep/2011 11:25:17]**************************************************************************************************

[08/Sep/2011 11:25:17] Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) of some users doesn't have Kerio Updater Service ( ) installed.

[08/Sep/2011 11:25:17] If you upgrade Kerio Connect to 7.3 or newer, they will not be able to use email.

[08/Sep/2011 11:25:17] To fix this, reinstall Kerio Outlook Connector ( https://server.domain.local/integration ) on affected users' computers.

[08/Sep/2011 11:25:17]**************************************************************************************************

[08/Sep/2011 11:25:17] User admin@localhost does not have installed Kerio Updater Service.