Auto-replies enable the sending of automated replies to specific inbound emails. A different auto- reply for each email address or subject can be specified. Variables can also be used in an auto-reply to personalize emails.

To enable auto-replies, go to Email Management > Auto-Replies and select Enable Auto-Replies.

Configuring auto-replies

  1. Go to Email Management > Auto-Replies.
  2. Click Add Auto-Reply.

Auto-reply settings

  1. In Auto-Reply Settings configure the following options:
Option Description
When email is sent to:

Key in the email address that sends auto-replies when receiving emails.

Example - If ‘’ is used, senders sending to this email address will receive an auto reply.

and subject contains: This option enables auto replies only for emails containing specific text in the subject field.
Auto Reply from: Specify an email address in case where an auto-reply is required from a different email address other than the email address to which the inbound email was addressed to.
Auto Reply subject: Specify the subject of the auto reply email.
  1. In Auto Reply text, specify the text to display in the auto reply email.


Import auto reply text from a text file via the Import button. Click Export to download auto-reply text to a text file.

Variables dialog

  1. Click Variable… to personalize auto-replies using variables. Select variable field to insert and click Add. Available variables are:
Option Description
Date Field Inserts the email sent date.
From Email Field Insert sender email address.
From Name Field Inserts the display name of the sender.
Subject Field Inserts email subject.
To Email Field Inserts the recipient’s email address.
To Name Field Inserts the recipient’s display name.
Tracking Number Inserts tracking number (if generated).
  1. In Attachments area, select any attachments to send with the auto-reply email. Specify the location of the attachment and click Add. Remove attachments using Remove.
  2. In Other Settings configure:
Option Description
Generate tracking number in subject

Generates a unique tracking number in the auto reply.

By default, tracking numbers are generated using the following format: ME_YYMMDD_nnnnnn


  • ME - GFI MailEssentials tag.
  • YYMMDD - Date in year, month and date format.
  • nnnnnn - automatically generated tracking number.
Include email sent Select to quote the inbound email in auto reply.
  1. Click Apply.