Using the Web log

Logs keep information records of selected events occurred in or detected by Kerio Control. For more information about configuring and using logs, see article Configuring and using logs in Kerio Control.

This log contains all HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol - protocol for exchange of hypertext documents in HTML. requests that were processed by the HTTP inspection module or by the built-in proxy server. Unlike in the HTTP log, the log displays only queries to text pages, not including objects within these pages. In addition to each URL, name of the page is provided for better reference.

For administrators, the Web log is easy to read and it provides the possibility to monitor which websites were opened by each user.

Reading the Web Log

[24/Apr/2013 10:29:51] james "Kerio Technologies"

  • [24/Apr/2013 10:29:51] — date and time when the event was logged
  • addressAn identifier assigned to devices connected to a TCP/IP network. of the client host
  • james — name of authenticated user (if no user is authenticated through the client host, the name is substituted by a dash)
  • "Kerio Technologies" — page title,(content of the title HTML element)
  • — URL pages