Using the Error log

Error log overview

Logs keep information records of selected events occurred in or detected by Kerio Control. For more information about configuring and using logs, see article Configuring and using logs in Kerio Control.

The Error log displays information about serious errors that affect the functionality of the entire firewall. The Kerio Control administrator should check this log regularly and try to eliminate problems found here. Otherwise, users might have problems with some services or/and serious security problems might arise.

Reading the Error log

Pattern of Error logs

[15/Apr/2013 15:00:51] (6) Automatic update error: Update failed.

  • [15/Apr/2013 15:00:51] — timestamp (date and exact time when the error occurred),
  • (6) — associated system error code (only for some errors),
  • Automatic update error: Update failed. — error description (failure of the automatic update in this case).

Categories of logs recorded in the Error log:


If you are not able to correct an error (or figure out what it is caused by) which is repeatedly reported in the Error log, do not hesitate to contact our technical support.