Using the Warning log

Logs keep information records of selected events occurred in or detected by Kerio Control. For more information about configuring and using logs, see article Configuring and using logs in Kerio Control.

The Warning log displays warning messages about errors of little significance. Warnings can display for example error in communication of the server and Web administration interface, etc.

Events causing display of warning messages in this log do not greatly affect Kerio Control's operation. They can, however, indicate certain (or possible) problems. The Warning log can help if for example a user is complaining that certain services are not working.

Categories of warnings recorded in the Warning log:

Reading the Warning log

The connection limit configured in Security Settings > Miscellaneous was exceeded:

[18/Jan/2013 11:22:44] Connection limit of 500 inbound connections reached for host

Kerio Conntrol could not authorized to Kerio Web Filter. Kerio Web Filter is not working and users can open all web pages:

[02/Jan/2013 13:45:37] Unable to categorize '' by Kerio Web Filter. DNS response 'FAILURE: Invalid authorization' to query '' is invalid.

Kerio Control was not able to contact registration server. You have to update your license manually:

[02/Jan/2012 15:54:20] License update failed: Automatic license update failed. User interaction is required by registration server