Using the Debug log

Debug log overview

Logs keep information records of selected events occurred in or detected by Kerio Control. For more information about configuring and using logs, see article Configuring and using logs in Kerio Control.

Debug (debug information) is a special log which can be used to monitor certain kinds of information, especially for problem-solving. Too much information could be confusing and impractical if displayed all at the same time. Usually, you only need to display information relating to a particular service or function. In addition, displaying too much information slows Kerio Control's performance. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to monitor an essential part of information and during the shortest possible period only.

Using the Debug log

Selection of information monitored by the Debug log

The window's context menu for the Debug log includes further options for advanced settings of the log and for an on-click one-time view of status information.

These options are available only to users with full administration rights for Kerio Control.

Format of Logged Packets

For logging network traffic a template is used which defines which information will be recorded and what format will be used for the log. This helps make the log more transparent and reduce demands on disk space.

For more information refer to Log packet formatting.

>Packet Logging

This function enables monitoring of IPv4Version 4 of the Internet Protocol. or IPv6Version 6 of the Internet Protocol. packets according to the user defined log expression.

Logging of IP traffic can be cancelled by leaving or setting the Expression entry blank.

For more information refer to Logging packets.

Show Status

A single overview of status information regarding certain Kerio Control components. This information can be helpful especially when solving problems with Kerio Technologies technical support.

Packet Dump To File

This function enables monitoring of IPv4 or IPv6 packets according to the user defined log expression and saving the Debug log to the special file. The packet dump can be downloaded and saved in your computer and opened by Wireshark.

For more information refer to Logging packets.


If the expression is too general, the packet dump file gets large and exhausts free disk space. The network traffic is continuously dumped, even after the administrator logs out of the administration. For those reasons, some time after the recording starts a warning notification appears in the administration interface.


This feature allows advanced monitoring of functioning of individual Kerio Control modules. This information may be helpful when solving issues regarding Kerio Control components and/or certain network services.