End of life of Kerio Control Box 1110

Kerio announces the end-of-life dates for Kerio Control Box 1110. The last major supported version for Kerio Control Box 1110 is Kerio Control 9.2. The last day to order the affected product was September 2013.

Support is available under the terms and conditions of customers' service contract. Customers with active software maintenance contracts receive support from the Kerio Technical Support as shown below.

Milestone Definition Date
End-of-software maintenance releases date The last day that Kerio Engineering may release any final software maintenance releases or bug fixes. After this date, Kerio Technologies will no longer develop, repair, or maintain the appliance. November 30, 2017
Last day of software maintenance The last day of software maintenance. After this date, software maintenance will no longer be available. All software maintenance renewals will be prorated to end on this date. December 31, 2017
Last day of technical support The last day that Kerio Technical Support will provide technical assistance for the product. December 31, 2018

Product migration options

You can upgrade to NG Series or NG Wifi Series. For details, go to Kerio Control NG Series.