Configuring spam control in Kerio Connect

Antispam methods and tests in Kerio Connect

To detect and eliminate spam, Kerio Connect uses the following methods and tests:


In Kerio Connect 9.2 and newer, you can use Kerio Anti-spam together with SpamAssassin.


Spam Repellent decreases the load on your server because messages rejected by Spam Repellent are not processed by other antispam and antivirus tests.


Combine as many antispam features as possible. The more tests you use, the tighter the antispam filter is and the less spam is delivered to users' mailboxes. Also, spam detection is more granular, which reduces the number of messages marked as spam by mistake (false positives).

For each method, except for Spam repellent, you can specify two actions for handling the spam messages:

  • Deny message — This helps to reduce the load on the server
  • Increase the message's spam score — This helps eliminating possible false positives

To set the Kerio Connect spam filter, go to Configuration > Content Filter > Spam Filter.

Setting the spam score

Kerio Connect tests each message with all the enabled tests and filters. Based on the resulting spam score, Kerio Connect marks the message as spam or delivers it as a legitimate message.

To set the limits for marking messages as spam or not spam, set the following on the Spam Rating tab:

  • Tag score — If the message reaches the tag score, Kerio Connect marks it as spam.
  • Block score — If the messages reaches the block score, Kerio Connect discards the message.


If you set the block value too low, legitimate messages may be discarded. Use the Forward the message to quarantine address option when testing and optimizing the spam filter, and specify an account where Kerio Connect sends and stores the copies of all blocked messages.

Monitoring the spam filter's functionality and efficiency

Kerio Connect includes several options for monitoring the spam filter's functionality.

Spam filter statistics

Kerio Connect generates statistics of its SpamAssassin filter. You can find the statistics in Status > Statistics.


This statistics does not include Kerio Anti-spam advanced filter.

Graphical overviews

Kerio Connect also uses traffic charts to trace certain values about spam messages.

In Status > Traffic Charts, you can find the following spam-related traffic charts:

  • Connections/Rejected SMTP displays the number of SMTP connection attempts that were rejected by the Spam Repellent tool in the set time period.
  • Messages/Spam displays how much spam was delivered and when in the set time period.


You can solve problems related to the antispam filter in the following Kerio Connect logs:

  • Spam — All messages marked as spam are recorded in this log.
  • Debug — Right-click in the Debug log area, click Messages, and select the following:
  • Spam Filter — Logs the spam rating of each message that passes through the Kerio Connect antispam filter.
  • SPF Record Lookup — Gathers information about SPF queries sent to SMTP servers.
  • SpamAssassin Processing — Traces the processes that occurred during the SpamAssassin antispam tests.
  • Kerio Anti-spam Processing — Traces the processes regarding the Kerio Anti-spam scanning.

Optimizing spam protection

Fo additional information about protection against spam in Kerio Connect, read:

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