Navigating through the Kerio Connect administration interface


New in Kerio Connect 8.3!

Using keywords, you can easily search for the location of any section or dialog in the Kerio Connect administration interface.

Searching for specific sections in the administration interface

If you need to configure a specific function, the Kerio Connect administration can help you with navigating to a particular section in the interface.

  1. Go to the Kerio Connect administration interface.
  2. In the top right corner of any page, type what you want to find in the Where is box. As you type, Kerio Connect offers you a list of keywords and phrases. You can even type just a few letters from multiple words.

  1. Select a phrase or use the arrow keys to navigate through the list. As you browse through the list, Kerio Connect automatically highlights and switches to the selected section/dialog.


Usernames, domain names or similar items are not included in the search results.