SDP Web User Interface (WUI) and Features


Service Delivery Point (SDP) WUI main screen

Central device manager

  • Displays all devices in a customizable list and provides access to device details and configuration file.
  • Change individual or mass device config.
  • Maintains an archive system for previous device configuration files.
  • Supports manual change of a device config.
  • Deploying policies to a single or multiple device(s).

Central firmware manager

  • Displays all available firmware updates.
  • Update firmware on a single or multiple device(s).
  • Scheduling future firmware update.

Central reporting manager

  • Provides access to predefined reports.
  • Custom report wizard enables user creating new reports as well as editing, saving and deleting them.


  • Dashboard presents a graphical view of overall daily throughput and traffic analysis statistics from a selected device.
  • Drop down menu enables to change dashboard view by selecting different devices.

User profile setup

  • Change password option.
  • Access to administration tools. (only available to admin user)


  • Searching facility to find subscription expiry details of a device.
  • Searching facility to find a purchase order details.