Basic characteristics and behaviors of Exinda Appliances

All Exinda Appliance hardware models share some basic characteristics and behaviors. This list provides helpful information to keep in mind while planning and implementing a deployment.

  • Every Exinda Appliance has at least one pair of hardware bypass ports marked LANLocal area network and WANWide Area Network.
  • Exinda Appliance LAN and WAN ports failover to pass-through mode in the event of system failure or power loss.
  • It's best practice to deploy the Exinda Appliance powered off. This ensures the hardware bypass is working.


There may be a short interruption to network connectivity while the Exinda appliance switches out of bypass mode during boot-up. Although switching in and out of bypass takes less than a millisecond, this may force neighboring equipment to renegotiate their layer 2 topology, which could take several seconds