Configuring the SJphone software phone

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Tested on SJphone 1.60

  1. Run the application and wait for the softphone to display on your screen.
  2. Click Menu.

Softphone SJphone

  1. Menu with options is displayed. Click Options.
  2. On the Profiles tab click New. This opens the Create New Profile dialog where it is required to enter any profile name (you can use your username, for example). Save the profile.
  3. This opens the Profile Options dialog. Go to the SIPSession Initiation Protocol - A communication protocol used for voice and video calls in Internet telephony or private IP telephone systems. Proxy tab and enter IP address or DNS name of the Kerio Operator PBXPrivate Branch Exchange - System that connects telephone extensions and switches calls..
  4. On the Initialization tab check options Account, Password and Caller IDA service that provides information about caller's number..

Profile Options > Initialization

  1. Dialog asking for authentication details and phone extension gets opened automatically. In entries Account and Password specify your username and the SIP passwordA password for authenticating provided by a SIP provider. associated with the extension and in the Caller ID field enter the SIP usernameAn username for authenticating provided by a SIP provider. assigned by your network administrator. (see topic Creating extensions)

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