Upgrading to the latest version from Kerio Control 7

This topic describes how to upgrade a Kerio Control version 7 installation to the latest version while retaining all settings.

Important notes when upgrading

  • Follow these notes and instructions to upgrade your current Kerio Control version 7 installation to the latest version while retaining all settings.
  • You must first upgrade to Kerio Control 8.0 and then perform the upgrade to the latest version.
  • When purchasing Kerio Control or extending your Software Maintenance, you are automatically eligible to receive new versions of Kerio Control and its components as soon as they are available
  • To get notified about new versions of Kerio Control, configure Alert Settings.For more information refer to Using alert messages.

Upgrade procedure

  1. Go to http://download.kerio.com and download Kerio Control 8.0 (released on 2013-03-12). In Select a product, choose Kerio Control. In Select a version, choose 8.0.0 (released on 2013-03-12). Click Show files.
  2. Select the installation image according to your appliance type.
  3. Download the image.
  4. Run the installation image. The installation program automatically closes the Kerio Control Engine and Kerio Control Engine Monitor. The installation program detects the directory with the former version and updates it by replacing appropriate files with the new ones automatically. The license, all log files and user defined settings are maintained.
  5. Log in to the Kerio Control Administration.
  6. In the administration interface of Kerio Control 8, go to section Advanced Options > Software Update.
  7. Click Check Now.
  8. When a new version is available, click Download.
  9. Click Upgrade Now when it appears.
  10. In the Confirm Restart dialog box, click Yes. Upgrade can take a couple of minutes.
  11. When upgrade is complete, log in to Kerio Control Administration and verify in the Dashboard that the new version has been installed successfully. If any upgrade issues occur, right-click the Debug log area and check Messages > Update checker.