I have a page that is miscategorized by Kerio Web Filter

What do I do?

  • Because each web page is individually filtered in the new Kerio Web Filter, the first step must be to check and where necessary change the category. Use the following URL to do so: test a site
  • When prompted, please enter the FULL Page URL, and also the CAPTCHA text below the URL edit box.
  • A list of the currently assigned categories is displayed for review.
  • If the list of currently assigned categories does not match what you think should be selected, use the link "Incorrect or missing categories? Suggest new ones." to suggest a new list.
  • Any suggestions you make will be a completely new list of categories. If you only want to add a category, you must also include the category in addition to suggested categories.
  • If you want to remove a category from the list, simply suggest a list without the category you want to remove.

What happens after I have submitted my response

  • As soon as your suggestions are submitted, it goes to the very top of the priority list of URLs and generally a trained web analyst will review the URL and the suggestions within a few minutes of submission. If the web analyst agrees with your suggestion, the changes will be made available immediately. However, the Kerio Web Filter uses DNSDomain Name System - A database enables the translation of hostnames to IP addresses and provides other domain related information. queries as a transport protocol, so the overall process may take up to a day to update all DNS cache records across the Internet. Please be patient if the category is not updated immediately.
  • Within 24 hours, a web analyst supervisor will double check the judgment of the web analyst to be sure the submitted URL is correctly categorized.
  • If the category is not updated within a day, it may mean that our web analysts believe the URL is properly categorized. Please see the category listings for a high level overview of how the categories are defined. Alternately, it could indicate a temporary communications problem. Resubmitting once after 24 hours without a change is encouraged if you suspect the report wasn't received.

What should I do if there is still a problem?

  • If the problem persists or you find any other issues related to categorization process or to Kerio Web Filter, contact our technical support department for further assistance.