Authenticating iPhone 5 (iOS6) device to WiFi fails

When the iPhone 5 device tries to authenticate via WiFi, a blank screen appears and the WiFi authentication fails. Kerio Control is configured to require user authentication for internet access.


While the device is connecting to WiFi, it checks internet connectivity by accessing an page. Because Kerio Control requires users to be authenticated, access to this page is forbidden and the iPhone fails to connect to the internet (a blank white screen is displayed during the internet connectivity test). After that, the WiFi connection is disconnected automatically.

To resolve the problem, add an HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol - protocol for exchange of hypertext documents in HTML. exception rule in Kerio Control that allows traffic to http://** without authentication.

  • Navigate to Configuration > HTTP policy > URL rule
  • Add a new rule
  • Set Action to Allow, URL to http://**, User to Any, Do not require authentication

  • Be sure you do not have any other restricting rule(s) for the same URL above. If so, move this rule to the top of the list.
  • You are able to authenticate to wifi with your iOS6 device.


This behavior is a current feature of iPhone 5 (iOS 6) based devices and it may be changed by Apple in the future.