Configuring traffic rules for IPv6 network

Traffic rules for IPv6 overview

Kerio Control supports IPv6Version 6 of the Internet Protocol. traffic rules.

If you are looking for a general article about traffic rules, go to the Configuring traffic rules article.


During the upgrade to Kerio Control 8.4.0, your IPv6 prefixes allowed on the Security Settings > IPv6 tab are transformed to Traffic Rules.

IPv6 in traffic rules

When you configure traffic rules in the Traffic rules section, you can include IPv6 into traffic rules:

Traffic Rules > the IP version column

  • You can set an IPv6 address, a range or a prefix in the Source and Destination columns for each traffic rule.

The Translation dialog box


Do not forget that IPv4 NATNetwork address translation - A method that remaps IP addresses by changing network address information. is also applied. When you want to set source or destination NAT, you must type also IPv4 address.

  • To enable source NAT in an IPv6 rule, select Use specific IP address, and type IPv6 prefix.

The Translation dialog — Enable source NAT

When you enable source NAT and use Default settings or Use specific outgoing interface, you must type IPv6 prefix to the used interface:

  1. Go to Interfaces.
  2. Double-click the interface to which the communication should be translated.
  3. In the dialog for interface configuration, select IPv6 tab.
  4. Click Enable and configure it.
  5. Save the settings.
  • To enable destination NAT in an IPv6 rule, select Translate with the following IPv6 prefix or host, and type IPv6 prefix.

The Translation dialog — Enable destination NAT