Support for IPv6 protocol

Kerio Control can therefore be used as an IPv6 router and allows access from hosts in the local network to the Internet via IPv6.

IPv6 filtering

Kerio Control supports allowing traffic by IPv6.


In newer operating systems, this protocol is enabled by default and the computer has an automatically generated IPv6 address. This can cause a security hazard.

For security reasons, any incoming native and tunneled IPv6 traffic is disabled by default.

Allowing IPv6 for particular computers or prefixes

To allow incoming traffic through IPv6 protocol from the particular prefix or computer:

  1. In the administration interface, go to Traffic Rules.
  2. Prepare rules for incoming and outgoing traffic. Read more in the For more information refer to Configuring traffic rules for IPv6 network.
  3. Click Apply.

Blocking IPv6 tunneling

  1. In the administration interface, go to Security Settings > IPv6.
  2. Select option Block tunneled IPv6 (6to4, 6in4, Teredo).
  3. (Optional) In the Definitions > IP Address Groups, add a new group of allowed hosts.
  4. Go back to Security Settings > IPv6.
  5. Check Except for the following IPv4Version 4 of the Internet Protocol. hosts and select the IP address group.
  6. Click Apply.