Upgrading Kerio Control

Once you purchase Kerio Control or extend your Software Maintenance, you are eligible to receive new versions of Kerio Control and its components as soon as they are available.

To get notified about new versions of Kerio Control, configure Alert Settings. For more information refer to Configuring email alerts.

Choose your current Kerio Control version for notes and instructions on how to upgrade to the latest version while retaining all settings:

Checking new versions

For immediate check of new versions, click Check Now. If you want to configure automatic checking new versions, read the following steps:

  1. In the administration interface, go to section Advanced Options > Software Update.
  2. Select option Periodically check for new versions. Kerio Control checks for updates every 24 hours. Once a new version is available, the Software Update tab displays a link to the download page.
  3. You can also select the Check also for beta versions option. If Kerio Control is used in production, we do not recommend enabling this option.
  4. Click Apply.

From now on, Kerio Control checks new versions.

Automatic upgrade of Kerio Control


New in Kerio Control 9.1!

Kerio Control allows you to set automatic downloads and upgrades to a new version.

The Kerio Control upgrade workflow starts with checking for updates. If a new version is available, Kerio Control downloads it. Then Kerio Control waits for the Upgrade window time range. By default, the time range is set on Friday night. During this interval, Kerio Control upgrades to the new version.

You can also enable and configure automatic upgrade. For more information refer to Upgrading to the latest version from Kerio Control 9.1 and newer.

Configuring email alerts

Kerio Control allows you to set email alert when a new version is available. For more information refer to Using alert messages.

Manually uploading a binary image file

This procedure might be useful for the following situations:

  • downgrade of Kerio Control
  • upgrade to a custom version (e.g. beta version)

If you have prepared the upgrade image file, you can upload it manually:

  1. In the administration interface, go to section Advanced Options > Software Update.
  2. Click the Select File button.
  3. Select the upgrade image file (kerio-control-upgrade.img).
  4. Wait for uploading the file.
  5. Click the Start Upgrade button and wait for the upgrade and restart of Kerio Control.

When the restart is finished, your Kerio Control is up-to-date.

Upgrade with USB tools

In case that it is not possible to update Kerio Control via the administration interface, Kerio Control Box can be updated from a USB flash drive. For details, see Updating Kerio Control using a USB flash drive or Updating Kerio Control Box NG series using a USB flash drive.


If any problems regarding updates occur, check the Debug log — right-click the Debug log area and check Messages > Update checker.