Tips for tablets

This article provides a few useful tips for a better administration user experience on tablet devices.

Tip Description
Screen orientation It is recommended that the device is held in the landscape mode while working with the Kerio administration interface. For viewing longer dialog boxes, hold the device in the portrait mode.
Navigation bar

Tap an icon in the left menu and a navigation bar appears.

Tap the main window and the navigation bar disappears.

Pop-up menu

To open context menu (e.g. in logs), tap the screen with two fingers at a time.

Sort by columns

Select the column and tap to set sorting or open a menu.

Editing table values

First, select a table row. To change the value, single-tap the particular spot.


If you use search, you can go to the previous or next occurrence by using the arrow buttons.

Log pages can be scrolled by dragging with fingers. The more fingers you use, the faster the page scrolls.

If you have Multi-Touch allowed on iOS 5, you can use up to three fingers for log scrolling.