This topic contains infromation about:


Configuring network interfaces

Configuring the guest network

Configuring PPPoE connections

Configuring PPTP tunnel

Configuring TCP/IP settings

Configuring L2TP tunnel

Configuring multiple WAN IPs with PPPoE

Configuring VLANs

Changing MAC addresses of interfaces

Changing the MTU of network interfaces

Changing the speed and duplex

Using alert messages

Sending log message alerts

Using IP Tools


Configuring 2-step verification

Blocking incoming connections by country

Configuring connection limits

Configuring intrusion prevention system

Filtering MAC addresses

Protecting users against password guessing attacks

Protocol inspection in Kerio Control


Configuring IPv6 networking

Support for IPv6 protocol

Configuring traffic rules for IPv6 network

Traffic rules

Configuring traffic rules

Configuring IP address translation

Configuring Demilitarized Zone (DMZ)

Configuring traffic rules - exclusions

Configuring traffic rules - multihoming

Limiting Internet access

Troubleshooting traffic rules

Content filtering

Configuring the Content Filter

Application awareness

Configuring FTP policy

Configuring HTTP policy

Filtering web content by words

Blocking inappropriate or explicit content

Filtering HTTPS connections

HTTPS filtering specifics

Using Kerio Control Web Filter

Slow Internet connection with web filter

Eliminating Peer-to-Peer traffic

Bandwidth optimization

Configuring bandwidth management

Configuring policy routing

Detecting large data transfers

Setting the speed of the link

Proxy server

Configuring proxy server

Configuring the reverse proxy

Server configuration

Configuring a routing table

Configuring HTTP cache

Configuring Service Discovery forwarding

Configuring the Kerio Control web interface

Configuring system settings

Customizing logo, denial pages and alerts

Customizing the language used in interfaces

Configuring statistics and reports

Configuring the SMTP server

DHCP server in Kerio Control

DNS forwarding service

Modifying parameters in configuration

Optimizing performance with LSO

Using RADIUS server in Kerio Control

Configuring IP address groups

Configuring URL groups

Services in Kerio Control

Creating time ranges in Kerio Control

Configuring Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP)

Using Remote Desktop IP Virtualization

Wildcards and regular expressions in URL

Dynamic DNS for public IP address

SSL certificates

Configuring SSL certificates in Kerio Control

Exporting and importing root certificates

Changing SSL certificates in Kerio Control

Deploying Kerio Control certificate via AD