Kerio Connect VMware Virtual Appliance

A virtual appliance is designed for usage in VMware products. It includes the Debian Linux operating system and Kerio Connect.

For supported VMware product versions, go to the product pages.

Downloading Kerio Connect VMware Virtual Appliance

Download the Kerio Connect installation package according to your VMware product type:

If your EXSi does not support deployment using URL. Download the required OVF files from

Then, follow these steps:

  1. Select your Product and Version and click Show Files.
  2. Download Kerio Control VMware Virtual AppliancePre-configured Kerio Connect virtual machine image for VMware. (OVF) and Kerio Control VMware Virtual Appliance (OVF) – disk image on your local computer.
  3. Browse and attach both the OVF files in the EXSi Host.
  4. Wait for the deployment and the file transfer to fully complete on the EXSI Host.


Tasks for shutdown or restart of the virtual machine are set to default values after the import. Setting these values to hard shutdown or hard reset may cause a loss of data on the virtual appliance. Kerio Connect VMware Virtual Appliance supports the so called Soft Power Operations. They allow you to shut down or restart the hosted operating system properly.

Working with the VMware Virtual Appliance

When you run the virtual computer, Kerio Connect interface is displayed.

Upon the first startup, configuration wizard gets started where the following entries can be set:

This console provides several actions to be taken:

Console — network configuration


Access to the console is protected by root password. The password is at first set to kerio. Change the password in the console as soon as possible, under Change password.

Network configuration

The network configuration allows you to:

  1. View network adapters — MAC address, name and IP addressAn identifier assigned to devices connected to a TCP/IP network. of the adapter
  2. Set network adapters


If you use a DHCP service on your network, the server will be assigned an IP address automatically and will connect to the network. If you do not use or do not wish to use DHCP for Kerio Connect, you have to set the IP address manually.

If the IP address is assigned by the DHCP server, we recommend to reserve an IP address for Kerio Connect so that it will not change.

If you run Kerio Connect VMware Appliance in the local network, check that an IP address has been assigned by the DHCP server. If not, restart the appliance.

Time zone settings

Correct time zone settings are essential for correct identification of message reception time and date, meeting start and end time, etc.

It is necessary to restart the system for your time zone changes to take effect.

How to update Kerio Connect


A terminal is available for product and operating system updates. You can switch it by pressing the standard Alt+Fx combination (for example, Alt+F2) for running a new console.

Before the first SSH connection to the terminal, it is necessary to enable the latter.

To update Kerio Connect:

  1. Download the Debian package (*.deb) to your computer.
  2. Use SCP/SSH to move it to VMware Appliance.
  3. Use the following dpkg command to upgrade Kerio Connect: # dpkg -i <installation_file_name.deb>

To update Debian Linux, use the apt-get command.


To upgrade the console, go to the Kerio Connect download page and download the Virtual Appliance Console Upgrade Package.