Installation on CentOS 6.4 - 64-bit (both i386 and x86_64)

You can install Kerio Connect on 64-bit CentOS 6.4

  1. Get the installation ISO images of CentOS 6.4 for i386 or x86_64 platform from
  2. Install CentOS 6.4 base system.
  3. Disable postfix MTA in default CentOS installation: sudo /sbin/chkconfig postfix off sudo /sbin/service postfix stop
  4. Download Kerio Connect 8.2 installation package in RPM format from Kerio website for the platform (i386 or x86_64).
  5. Install Kerio Connect using the following command: sudo yum install kerio-connect-8.2.0-xxx-linux-x86_64.rpm or sudo yum install kerio-connect-8.2.0-xxx-linux-i386.rpm
  6. Finish the initial server configuration using the CfgWizard application: sudo /opt/kerio/mailserver/cfgwizard
  7. Start Kerio Connect using the following command: sudo /sbin/service kerio-connect start
  8. Optionally, configure CentOS firewall to allow remote administration and Kerio Connect protocols: sudo vi /etc/sysconfig/iptables. Add line -A INPUT -p tcp --dport 4040 -j ACCEPT before the line with REJECT rule for INPUT chain.

You can add same rules for other TCPTransmission Control Protocol - ensures packet transmission. ports used by services in Kerio Connect. See web administration services for the list of protocols.

To re-load the iptables firewall: sudo /sbin/service iptables restart

Since Kerio Connect is now installed and configured, you can access the web admin interface at https://<servername>:4040.


Don't forget to configure your DNSDomain Name System - Enables the translation of hostnames to IP addresses and provides other domain related information. server and add proper A and MX records for the server.


Kerio Connect users can be authenticated against PAM with /etc/pam.d/keriomail PAM module.

To uninstall the Kerio Connect, run sudo yum remove kerio-connect.